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La Boheme at the Coliseum

602331_opera__.jpgThe English National opera is currently showing Puccini’s la Boheme. Whether you’re an experienced opera goer or its your first time this production is a must see. If this is your first opera, la Boheme is one of the most accessible operas considered as one of the “three or four most popular operas in the repertory” (Groos and Parker, xi), Its dramatic plot which centres around four characters is easy to follow and very moving. You’ll be familiar with many of the aria’s which have been used time and again in films and TV. At the English National opera all works are sung in English and the acoustics are very good so the words can be heard clearly from just about everywhere in the auditorium.

The attraction of this production for the more experienced opera goer is a chance to see the fantastic Mary Plaza or young talent, Lee Bisset-who is part of the eno’s young singers programme – play the role of Mimi, as well as experiencing Xian Zhang’s London conducting debut. If you are a student, the best way to get a discounted ticket is to turn up three hours before the show when you will be able to purchase the best avaible seats for £10-30. Otherwise tickets prices range from 15-83 pounds. Visit for more information and to book in advance.

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