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Cheap and Cheerful Accomodation

Cheap and Cheerful AccomodationLooking for a cheap and funky place to stay in London? Well if you don’t mind sharing a room then Generator Hostels could be the perfect place to crash. There’s one in Berlin and one in Bloomsbury London which is a great central location for trendy East London areas such as Shoreditch as well as popular West London nights out such as Chinawhites.

Although similar to traditional hostels with dorm like rooms for 12 people (you can choose mixed sex or female only costing a meagre £10 per person) you can also get smaller four or two bed rooms that you can share with mates for a fraction of the price of a hotel. A four bed room can work out to as little as £17 per person in the summer season. If you a feeling a bit shy, there are a few one bedroom private rooms again costing much less than a London 2 or 3 star hotel. There is a bar in the hostel and various activities take place every night….most of which involve drinking! Take the Generator tour on the website to see pictures of where you can stay

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