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Get your own social PA!

836592_porto_city_10.jpgI bet many of you who read this blog would love to do most of the things we mention but never get round to it because you just don’t have the time to organise it – am i right?

I for one feel quite depressed writing about the latest summer picnic craze or wine tasting event, knowing that despite my good intentions i’m not going to get round to actually trying it! I spend so much time at my desk and anserwing phone calls and emails – even when i’ve gone home! – that the last thing on my mind is organising tickets and taxis to a night out. If only i could employ someone to organise my social calender as well as i organise my work one!

Well apparently there is such a service. Exec Events Club is designed to help busy workers in the city find time to socialise. They organise a range of exciting nights out, parties, day trips and holidays and members are all invited. You can join as a single person, couple or group and there is a choice of 6-8 events a month so you are bound to find something that suits your tastes and your busy calendar. Example events organised by the club are trips to the Ballet, Sailing Weekends, Royal Windsor races, Gastropub nights and Cultural Holidays. If you are new to London this is a fantastic way to meet similar people in a very relaxed and entertaining environment. Membership is £205 per person or £350 for a couple, to get a social life you dream of this is money well spent!

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