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Tour of Haunted London

846901_kingston_graves_.jpgIf you work in the city of London you probably walk through it everyday but take for granted the atmosphere and history of the buildings and parks around you. I know I do…..I used to get a real buzz out of coming to London and being surrounded by some of the most exciting sights in the whole world but I have lost that awe that I first felt walking through the streets.

Well, if you want to appreciate the history around you a bit more why not take part in a one of the guided city walks that are taking place this Halloween time. Not only are they a great way to learn about some of the most salacious details of what happened in London in the past but can be a hugely entertaining and original evening out. You even get a bit of exercise!

haunted-warehouse.jpgI found a great website called London Ghost Walk where you can book such a tour. The walks are given by historian and author Richard Jones and last for two hours. The tour will take you around haunted sites where Richard has had personal experience of ghostly goings on. He will recount his own tales as well as the experiences of physics and even scientists, many of which have been published in top selling books. You will visit London’s oldest hospital and ancient burial grounds. The evening takes place on Halloween night (October the 31st) so ghostly activity will be at its peak – who knows what you might encounter. Book here for tickets

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